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Buyers all across northern New England trust the Boulos Company to represent them and their interests when they need to buy commercial real estate. People buying properties work with Boulos commercial real estate brokers because we consistently deliver more than our competitors: more experience, more drive, more data, and more value. We find our clients the commercial properties that work for them and enable their business to achieve the results they need. That could be a new headquarters for their business, a new location for their restaurant, or a cash-flowing investment property.

If you choose to work with us, we’ll do everything in our power to get you the commercial property that you need, whether it’s available for sale or not.

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Diverse Requirements. Consistent Results.

Whether we’re helping Bristol Seafood find a new retail production facility for their Maine-based seafood company, finding the perfect site for a new campus for Northeastern University, or helping Torrington Properties expand their investment property portfolio, we find our clients the commercial properties that work for them and enable their business to achieve the results they need.

In August of 2021, IDEALS, the non-profit institute tasked with finding a location for a new campus for the Roux Institute, was looking for a site in Portland to establish their new campus, but according to Executive Director Charles E. Hewitt, “[they] looked seriously at a lot of sites, made offers on several, but encountered owners who were really only in it for their own gain.”

That’s when IDEALS turned to the Boulos Company for help. They had a list of things they were looking for in a potential site, and only a few parcels in the Portland area could fit their requirements. Tony McDonald, a Boulos partner advising IDEALS, thought outside of the box: instead of looking at properties for sale, he turned to Google Earth aerial views just to see where the project might fit.

“Forget about who owns it, was it for sale or not. I just started looking for what Roux wanted: aesthetically pleasing, close to downtown and easy to get in and out of. That’s when I realized it was B&M.”

Tony drew on over a decade of experience and familiarity with the owners of B&M, who weren’t even selling the property, once they realized the offer was serious, the deal closed quickly.

“We were looking for an iconic location to establish a Maine legacy of innovative high tech and biopharma excellence to underpin the excellent work that the Roux Institute and its partners were already doing. We found it.”
– Charles E. Hewitt, Executive Director at IDEALS

Buyer Representation at Boulos: Let Us Get You More

Even when the property wasn’t for sale, we managed to make a deal happen for our client and help them accomplish their goals.The Boulos Company is the largest commercial real estate brokerage in Northern New England, which helps us provide our clients with the most experience, knowledge and data on commercial real estate in Maine and New Hampshire, along with twice the amount of comparable commercial property sales and lease information than our competitors. We put this experience and data to work for you to negotiate fair market rates and get you the deal that actually works for your business.

The Boulos Company has decades of experience brokering deals, performing research, building our commercial real estate database, and building an unmatched professional network. We’ll find you the property that works for your business.

If you’re interested in purchasing commercial property in the greater Northern New England Area, don’t hesitate to reach out. Remember: “more” is in our DNA.

You’re in Good Company

Boulos represents local and national brands spanning a wide range of industries.

The Tenants We Represent Have Great Things to Say

“The decision to move BerryDunn from the downtown location, where we were headquartered for over 30 years, was complex and not taken lightly. A key component in the process was having Jessica and Chris from Boulos working as our tenant advisors. From the start, their approach was analytical as they worked to understand our business and the factors weighing in on our decisions.

They performed and analyzed an in-depth workplace survey, helping to transform the data into a useful tool for us that guided us to make critical decisions along the way. The result is a new headquarters location and workplace that reflects our organization for the foreseeable future. We were fortunate to have Jessica, Chris, and the Boulos team on our side.”

Robert Moore
Director of Operations

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