Episode 22: David Shaw, Co-Founder of IDEXX, Covetrus, and Managing Director of Black Point Group

Topher Stephenson  /   September 14, 2021

David Shaw on Entrepreneurship & Veterinary Sciences in Maine

In this episode, host Greg Boulos sits down with David Shaw for our very first two-part episode of The Boulos Beat. David Shaw is the Managing Partner of Black Point Group, with wide-ranging interests in technology companies and public service. Locally, David is known for starting IDEXX Laboratories, Covetrus – formerly Vets First Choice – (co-founder, chair), and as former Chair of the Board of The Jackson Laboratory. David’s career and entrepreneurial spirit have taken him to the pinnacle of success in veterinary technology, precision medicine, food & agriculture, and venture capitalism.

In Part I of this episode, Greg and David discuss David’s path to success with a wide array of business ventures. Stay tuned for Part II of the David Shaw interview!

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