Filling the Grocery Gap: The Need for a Small Market in Portland’s Central Business District

Reese McFarlane  /   May 2, 2023

Filling the Grocery Gap: The Need for a Small Market in Portland’s Central Business District



By Reese McFarlane | Associate




Portland, Maine is quickly becoming the go-to destination for people looking for a charming and vibrant community. With its stunning waterfront and delicious food scene, it’s no surprise that more and more people are choosing to call this city home. However, as with any growing community, there are certain issues that arise, and in Portland’s case, the central business district grocery dilemma is a pressing one.

The Downtown Core Market Dilemma:

For those living in the downtown area, the lack of convenient grocery options has been a point of frustration. While the Portland Peninsula offers a variety of specialty stores, including gourmet coffee shops, bakeries, beer and wine stores, and Rosemont Markets on its east and west ends, these options are not always convenient for those living in the heart of downtown. With busy schedules and limited access to transportation, the closure of stores like Lois’ Natural Market, Aurora Provisions, and Paul’s Food Center didn’t help.

New Developments and Opportunities:

Thankfully, Redfern Properties is stepping up to the plate and actively seeking a small food market tenant to occupy the ground-floor retail space in their latest development at 201 Federal Street. With 265 new residential units being built in Maine’s tallest building to date, as well as several other units in the pipeline, a market where people can walk to buy prepared foods and essentials will be a welcome addition to the neighborhood. It will not only benefit residents of the building, but also people who live and work throughout the downtown neighborhoods.

A walkable city is a livable city, and Redfern Properties’ commitment to this concept is commendable. By prioritizing the development of walkable amenities like convenient markets, Portland will continue to evolve and flourish as a community. The addition of a neighborhood market in the downtown core would not only be a game-changer for those living and working in the area but also play a vital role in the convenience of the city as a whole.

The future looks bright for those hoping to see this much-needed amenity arrive in Portland. With new developments and opportunities, the community can look forward to continued growth and success. As Portland continues to attract new residents and businesses, it’s important to remember that prioritizing walkable amenities like convenient markets is the key to ensuring the city’s livability for years to come.



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