Episode 29: Joseph Wishcamper on Affordable Housing, The Value of Spotting Talent & Building Relationships

Topher Stephenson  /   June 6, 2022

Joseph Wishcamper on Affordable Housing, the Value of Spotting Talent & Building Relationships

In this episode of The Boulos Beat, Boulos Company Partner Tony McDonald guest-hosts for Greg Boulos as he interviews Joseph Wishcamper of The Wishcamper Companies, an affordable housing developer based here in Portland, Maine. Wishcamper entities own roughly 10,000 apartment units nationwide.

Tony and Joe discuss Joe’s history growing up in a poverty-stricken West Texas community and how he found his way to the affordable housing industry and Portland after graduating from Yale and Harvard Law. They also dive into Joe’s perspective on the importance of building relationships, the pros, and cons, of working in affordable housing, The Wishcamper Company’s recent involvement in solar, and the most memorable projects of his career. Joe is a legend in affordable housing circles and in the Portland real estate community, his remarks and reminiscences are truly interesting.

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