Living to L.A.S.T.

Kendra Hardesty  /   March 8, 2024


This month’s highlighted nonprofit organization is Living to L.A.S.T., selected by our Marketing Manager, Kendra Hardesty.  

“The organization I’ve selected holds a special place in my heart, largely due to my husband’s volunteer work with them over the past year. He sought out an organization that was built on compassion and purpose that extends a positive influence into the community but that also offers support and encouragement to the men that work on these projects together. I’ve been fortunate to witness the impact their acts of service and kindness have on people’s lives.”

The organization’s primary purpose is to build a brotherhood through training for and responding to the physical needs of the overlooked. Whether it’s ensuring access to fundamental necessities like hot water, indoor plumbing, or repairing deteriorating roofs. They bridge the gap between necessary home repairs and the ability of individuals to have them completed, often due to difficult circumstances.  To learn more about this organization, click here!