Sail Power and Steam Museum

Kendra Hardesty  /   April 29, 2024

This month’s featured nonprofit is the Sail Power and Steam Museum in Rockland, Maine, selected by our Associate Broker, Roy Donnelly. Donnelly emphasizes the museum’s vital role in preserving Maine’s cultural and economic history, drawing from his own childhood experiences.

“When I was young, I was lucky enough to benefit from visiting places like the Sail Power and Steam Museum. Museums like this preserve the cultural and economic history of Maine’s various regions, and hopefully instill some local pride – plus they have a sailing school, which is a great skill to have, and a fun one to learn.”

The Sail Power and Steam Museum is committed to preserving and showcasing Maine’s maritime heritage. Through exhibits, educational programs, and a sailing school, the museum aims to connect visitors with the rich history and traditions of the region’s maritime industries. Their mission encompasses the preservation of artifacts and the transmission of knowledge and skills essential to understanding and appreciating Maine’s maritime legacy.

For more details about the Sail Power and Steam Museum and its mission, visit their website: Sail Power and Steam Museum