Episode 20: Josh Broder of Tilson Technology

Chris Romano  /   July 6, 2021

Josh Broder on Digitalization and the Workforce in Maine

In this episode, guest-hosting for Greg Boulos is Partner and Broker Tony McDonald, as he sits down with Josh Broder, CEO of Tilson Technology Management. Tilson is a Portland based firm with a national presence, whose mission is to build America’s information infrastructure.

Josh Broder started Tilson in 2006. After Josh completed his career in the military, he came back to Maine, where he grew up, to begin working at a startup. Learn more about how Josh got involved in Tilson, the company’s tremendous growth, and the environment in Maine which helped Tilson Technology thrive. Discover his opinion on the effects of COVID on digitalization, his thoughts on working remotely, and the workforce in Maine.

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