Author: Samantha Marinko

Downtown Portland Class A Office 2023 Mid-Year Update

July 28, 2023

Downtown Portland Class A Office 2023 Mid-Year Update       By Samantha Marinko | Associate       This time last year, I made reference to “the current stalemate in the market,” referring to the minuscule variance in the vacancy rate for downtown, Class A office buildings in the six months prior. This year, I have a similar report. … Continue reading Downtown Portland Class A Office 2023 Mid-Year Update

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Maine Real Estate Forecast 2023

March 3, 2023

Portland, Maine Office Market Predictions for 2023     By Greg Boulos | Senior Partner     By Samantha Marinko | Associate           OVERVIEW Based on our analysis of historical figures and recent market trends, we believe the office market will see an increase in vacancy rates over the next one to three years. This will … Continue reading Maine Real Estate Forecast 2023

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COVETRUS Maine Office Building

The Rise of Maine’s Startup Community

January 27, 2022

The Maine business world is made up of many diverse industries—animal health, beer, seafood, agriculture, wellness, technology—we are a melting pot of innovation.  All of these companies have something in common: they began as an idea. But ideas do not just turn into successful companies on their own. What makes the Maine startup community so robust? “The most important thing … Continue reading The Rise of Maine’s Startup Community

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Mid-Year Update: Downtown Class A Office Space

June 30, 2021

  Samantha Marinko, Associate In January, The Boulos Company released the 2021 Annual Market Outlook, which gives an overview of Maine’s commercial real estate market. The numbers spoke and the effect of the pandemic was evident, particularly when considering the vacancy rate in Class A office buildings in downtown Portland. However, the last six months suggest that the winds may … Continue reading Mid-Year Update: Downtown Class A Office Space

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Neighborhood Spotlight: Outer Forest

March 26, 2021

Once a hub for gas stations and automobile service centers, the Forest Avenue corridor has become a heavily-trafficked gateway to downtown Portland, home to restaurants, retailers, nonprofits, and more. Off-peninsula neighborhoods, such as Forest Avenue, have become a draw for businesses seeking relief from expensive downtown rents. For at least a decade, Forest Avenue and Woodford’s Corner…

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Business in the Burbs

October 31, 2019

Based on the most widely accepted age range of the elusive millennial, the oldest of the generation are now in their mid-30’s. These avocado-loving hipsters are leaving behind their studio apartments in cobblestoned downtowns and trading up for something grassier and more family-friendly. With their shift away from city living comes increased popularity in all things suburban, including the office market. … Continue reading Business in the Burbs

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The Transforming Workspace

March 14, 2019

The ideal office space is an ever-evolving concept. Large, swanky offices that can double as a bar, as seen on Mad Men, are a thing of the past. Private offices with bulky desks and built-in shelves for three-ring binders are out. The corner office inevitably housing the CEO is no longer a given. The walls are coming down. Unassigned work … Continue reading The Transforming Workspace

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June 16, 2018

How Start-ups Can Benefit From Subleasing Maine is the home to a plethora of creative minds—entrepreneurs, artists, techies, chefs—it’s a melting pot of talent from all facets nestled comfortably in the northeast corner of New England. With these creative minds comes new and interesting business ventures, ventures that need space to do all of this creating. Your start-up may not … Continue reading START-UP SEEKING SPACE FOR SUBLEASE

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