Boulos Expands Bench and Awards Mid-Year MVP

Kendra Hardesty  /   October 31, 2022

Portland, Maine, November 1, 2022: The Boulos Company is expanding. In the past three months, the Portland office welcomed Sarah Grillo and Reese McFarlane, and Nick DeNisco is the latest to join the Manchester team.

Portsmouth office manager, Lisa Kurdt, has been with Boulos since 2000. Over the past year, the pace of business in Boulos’ New Hampshire markets increased substantially with the opening of the new Manchester office and the relocation of the Portsmouth team to their new office. Lisa stepped up to the plate to coordinate these initiatives to the extent that, in a first-of-its kind, mid-year nod, she was nominated the Mid-Year Boulian of the Year by Boulos’s management team.

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