Animal Refuge League of Greater Portland

Kendra Hardesty  /   April 1, 2024


We are pleased to announce that this month’s selected non-profit organization has been chosen by Dan Greenstein. The organization is the Animal Refuge League of Greater Portland (ARL), a beacon of hope and compassion for abandoned animals in need of shelter and care.

The mission of the ARL is deeply rooted in providing refuge, rehabilitation, and ultimately, forever homes for animals in distress. With a steadfast commitment to the well-being of every creature under their care, the organization strives to not only rescue and rehome animals but also to foster a community of compassion and support for both the animals and their adoptive families.

Dan stated, “Having adopted four cats from the Animal Refuge League of Greater Portland (ARL) over the past 10 years, I cannot think of a more giving group than the employees and volunteers who passionately care for these rescued animals. The organization brings not only hope and happiness to the future pets but also the same to the adopters and caretakers. A donation to the ARL is perhaps the most fulfilling gift one can give to these abandoned animals in need of a shelter and care. I applaud all individuals involved in this organization whether donors or the individuals caring for the animals.”