Maine Association of Nonprofits Seeks Roommate to Share New Home

Kendra Hardesty  /   May 16, 2024

30 Danforth Street, Portland

Portland, Maine, May 16, 2024: The Maine Association of Nonprofits (MANP) found a new home at 30 Danforth Street. Since 1994, MANP’s mission has been to enrich the quality of personal and community life in Maine by strengthening the leadership, voice, and organizational effectiveness of our state’s nonprofits.

The group was headquartered at 565 Congress Street for nearly 30 years and had been looking for a new space since COVID-19 hit. In January, they went fully remote, moving office equipment into a storage unit and various staff members’ garages with the goal of finding a new office space by summer. The space at 30 Danforth ticked all the boxes, providing a mix of private and shared office space, conference space, staff parking, and an elevator for ease of access.

“We’re excited for this new chapter,” said Jennifer Hutchins MANP’s executive director. “We took our time in this search and were able to hone in on what mattered most to us in a workspace. It’s particularly exciting to have our team be able to work in person together again, which we haven’t done since March of 2020. The reality is that we will never return to in-person office work full time, but it was important for us to have an inviting, well-kept space for our people when they do come to work.”

The Boulos Company’s Samantha Marinko and Nate Stevens represented MANP in the transaction.

Calling Potential Co-Tenants

The 3,200± SF office is more than enough space for MANP’s eight full-time employees, and they are seeking a co-tenant for 1–4 individual workspaces. If you are interested in learning more about this space, please contact Samantha Marinko at The Boulos Company.