Tenant Representation

Tenant Representation

Boulos brings you 45+ years of expertise at guiding clients through the process of finding and leasing the perfect space. Our goal? To ensure you that you get the commercial property that works the best for your business and meets your financial goals.

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Boulos Brings You More.

Our tenant representation brokers save clients time, money, and headaches. We know the business of commercial real estate, and we’re experts at guiding clients through the process of finding and leasing the perfect space for their business.

Boulos raised the bar for commercial real estate deals in 2020 in both Maine & New Hampshire.:



Why Hire a Boulos Company Tenant Representative?

If you go straight to the listing broker for a space, they will work with you, but they ultimately represent best interest of the landlord, and will try to secure the best terms possible for their client. By contrast, your Boulos tenant rep will work with you and for you. They’ll work to secure the best terms for you, with a timeline and tactical approach that allows you to focus on running your business.

Your Boulos tenant representation broker will scour the market for properties that meet your needs, including properties that aren’t traditionally listed, offering you a broader range of choices than you would find by looking in the newspaper or online. We’re often aware of upcoming lease expirations, new developments, firms looking to “quietly” sublease a portion or all of their space, and other opportunities.

Whether it’s a tenant’s market or a landlord’s market, a Boulos broker can help to make sure you’re getting the best deal possible. Because Boulos has the highest market share of any Maine & New Hampshire commercial brokerage firm, we’re likely to know the terms and conditions of recent lease deals similar to yours. This is highly valuable information as you enter negotiations.

Our tenant reps know exactly how to negotiate leases in the tenant’s favor and can help you determine the best course of action when faced with choices relating to option terms, fit-out, rental increases, and termination rights. And having us on your side won’t cost you anything extra, as the landlord pays the fees for all brokers involved in a lease transaction.

You’re in Good Company

Boulos represents local and national brands spanning a wide range of industries.

The Tenants We Represent Have Great Things to Say

“The decision to move BerryDunn from the downtown location, where we were headquartered for over 30 years, was complex and not taken lightly. A key component in the process was having Jessica and Chris from Boulos working as our tenant advisors. From the start, their approach was analytical as they worked to understand our business and the factors weighing in on our decisions.

They performed and analyzed an in-depth workplace survey, helping to transform the data into a useful tool for us that guided us to make critical decisions along the way. The result is a new headquarters location and workplace that reflects our organization for the foreseeable future. We were fortunate to have Jessica, Chris, and the Boulos team on our side.”

Robert Moore
Director of Operations

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